a little about me

Hey there!  I'm Brandi and I am beyond excited to meet you! I've been behind the camera for over 10 years where I have done everything from newborn, senior and family sessions to wedding and special event photography. In 2019 I made a very intentional decision to transition my business to focus exclusively on high school seniors.

After several years of working with the most incredible senior guys & girls, I've learned they give me energy, inspire my soul and fill me with creative inspiration and happiness unlike anything I've ever done. Having the opportunity to work with incredible humans who are at a pivotal turning point into adulthood is the most rewarding experience I've had. I love when I first meet my senior guys and girl, get to learn about their hopes, plans and dreams for the future and then follow along as those dreams are realized. And if we've met, you can be certain I will forever cheer you on as you step into life after your senior year.

I am a huge advocate of seeing beauty and goodness beyond the lens.  Every single day I tell my children to make good choices & be good humans.  I want nothing more than to share a little of that good human mantra with every single Senior I work with. I want you to know, feel and see exactly how beautiful you are. I want you to be confident and in turn, help build confidence in everyone with whom you interact.  I want you to look and feel like the most incredible version of YOU when you step in front of the camera. I want you to go out into the world building up everyone around you, standing up for those who have yet to find their voice and encouraging others to be good humans too.  These are the values on which I have developed the Brandi Elizabeth Seniors brand.

I would be honored to work with you and help create a session that is specific to you and your personality. Whether it's urban, organic, editorial, studio or a style that doesn't fit neatly into a box, I have done it all and am confident I can help customize an experience you will LOVE.

more than a photo session

Mom to Class of 2023 Senior Mattie Brownfield

Julie Brownfield

we had a wonderful experience - In love with the photos of mattie.  can't wait to do this again with you when my son is a senior!

LIGHT master • C O F F E E  L O V E R • PACK MULE

This girl can wield a reflector like nobody's business. She's great at finding the best light and is quick with a touch up of lip gloss or the swipe away of a stray hair. She sees the small details and is a beast at lugging extra (heavy) gear, everyones phones, wardrobe changes and giant chairs into fields. Kaili is a Class of 2023 Senior and plans to attend Ohio University in the fall of 2023.

Studio Assistant

kaili madison

chaser of light • core memory maker • good human advocate

I remember my senior session like it was yesterday. The Dirty Dancing soundtrack playing The Time of My Life in the background, a giant fan blowing my crunchy Aqua Net sprayed hair, my electric blue mascara on pointe (no professional hair and makeup option in the 1900's). And while those photographs may now be considered vintage, the memory of how incredibly special I felt will never fade! It is my promise to make your senior experience a core memory that you will cherish forever.


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